For board members and swim school leaders



There is a lot - and not just a lot, but like a crazy lot of different approaches to and expressions for, what good leadership is.
To YPISA, it is simple. If your employees get inspired from you - and they want to follow you and the vision you have for the organization, you lead, then you’re THE BIG TIME FAVORITE leader. - But it isn’t always quite easy to be that leader.

Leadership is a subject you can qualify. Leadership is actions that need to be trained all the time - like the bike rider, who is always training on the bike to be the best biker. Check up on your leadership already now!

If you are a leader, how often do you look at yourself and think, I’ll just practice getting better at leadership? …… Because it could probably use a nice facelift.

- Who would you choose to be your coach?
- Who do you have in your network, you could call right now to discuss what you could optimize?

- How often do you question your own leadership, so you can excel even further?

Would you like to know more about how to excel as a leader of your organization? 
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