Teacher backpack

Brilliant tools for planning, developing and activities.

The backpack is part of our basic education, but you can also buy the individual elements. Read more here and get access.

Self-saving ladder

On this course you will learn about our brilliant “step-by-step” tool, the Self-saving ladder – which has proven its worth, making the process of learning the basics and very first steps in swimming. It gives you knowledge and opportunities to create activities and many hours of joy in the water – for both parents and teachers.

The instructor version gives you the insight and ideas to support both children and adult beginners at their individual level.

The price includes the online course, the Self-saving ladder (either teacher or parent version) and shipment of it – worldwide.

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In our experience, there is a lack of useful information to support what and why teachers do, what they do, when teaching.

Therefore, we have started the series of books, which in an ethic but kind of crazy way can explain the more complex reasons behind why we plan and execute swim lessons, the way we do.

The books are written for children – BUT they are so much more than just a children’s book. In the books different fact bubbles are hiding – these contain brilliant knowledge (articles, videos, pictures, games) about different subjects under teaching, swimming, and development, which are useful for both teachers and parents.

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