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Yes, you read correctly – we see great teachers as superheroes. Besides helping to change the drowning statistics in a positive direction, you – as a teacher – can do an amazing difference in the lives of both children and adults.

We have a red thread throughout all our courses and educations, which are based on the newest research and many years of teaching worldwide.

Most often we do our courses online and in-house, meaning at “home” for the swim school. Contact us if you want to arrange a course or education at your club. Sometimes though, we open for seats at the different courses and educations in real live versions – sign up in the bottom of the side, and we will let you know, when we have an open education or course.


Menu card for the hungry teacher

Self saving ladder course

Here is our "learning menu". Every course can be bought or preordered now.

We strive to make a variety of courses with different ingredients and techniques covering a wide range of necessary teacher-nutritions.

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Liselotte and Maria

NFLL kursus eng
Brainy communication

"Swimming is the only sport you can die from NOT mastering"

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Body in water

"Every expert was once a beginner"

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“Joy and early success create children, who fall in love with water and learning, and thereby supports the development of water competent children and adults”