Education which will save your worklife

A strong theoretically foundation to develop your abilities as a leader. 




Only 12 seats

Leader hassels

Management in swim schools often hassles with a lot of challenges which they are not educated to handle:

  • Conflicts and bad communication
  • Motivation and professionalism amongst teachers
  • Structure in tasks
  • Clarity in planning
  • Generation of ideas
  • Difficulties in parent collaboration- parental guiding and support

Step up

We have composed an education which will provide you the right and important tools to handle the daily management with al the complexity, you are in the middle of when leading a swim school.


For example, expectations to teachers and strategical management


Including conflict management and leadership coaching


Implementing a feedback/feedforward culture.

Educational content

  • The core task or tasks, what should the focus be on?
  • Value and strategy implementation; requirements and follow-up.
  • Strategic management - how during normal operation and how during changes
  • Conflict management
  • Leadership coaching & supervision
  • Implementing a feedback / feedforward culture
  • Inspirational management motivates - keep the staff motivated towards common goals (boost your employees motivation)
  • Team collaboration and leadership through team coordinators - new ideas in the community
  • Expectations for swimming school teachers/coaches, what can they expect from the job
  • CV optimization for a swimming school teacher and competitive coach
  • The domain theory -step up, (become a professional swim school with the heart and the quality in order)