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"Our purpose is a "sea-through" one. We aim to change the drowning statistics worldwide by educating teachers and leaders and helping parents support their childs' development."

- Liselotte and Maria

  • Ypisa - Your Potential International Swimming Academy

    “To listen to your ideas about “Learn to Swim“ and the way you deal with parents; how to educate them and many ideas about developing the education process to be more effective!
    I’m thankful for all the inspiration and I look forward to meet you again Liselotte & Maria ❤️”

    Licensed swim sports leader - swimming school responsible at RAN Swimming Club Malmo

  • Ypisa - Your Potential International Swimming Academy

    “When both parents and kids look forward to reading a story again, you just know it's good. We're already looking forward to reading more of the YPISA books. They explain at a kids' level, and the parents can read more in the bubbles and QR-codes”

    Self employed and mother of two

  • Ypisa - Your Potential International Swimming Academy

    “Coming all the way from Cairns Far North Queensland, Australia I had no idea what to expect. The lecturers were amazing. So much knowledge and so much enthusiasm. It was just the best conference ever. It was the best experience in my 44 years of teaching. I am still absorbing it all. ”

    Janet Evans swim school, Australia