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Every organization - company or swim school - must be built on a solid foundation. 

Should cracks appear in the foundation, it will affect the entire building. In this context it can appear as conflicts in management or with employees. It can be teachers having a hard time accepting the values and framework of the swim school, and it can be members who does not understand, why you do as you do in your swim school.

We guide you and give you the tools to build or optimize your foundation. This is done through leadership management education or as sparring with leaders.

”Our progress with YPISA has been amazing for us as swim school leaders.

We have been getting sparring and SO many ideas to develop our school in a new and exiting way.

Through the progress we have become aware of our roles as leaders, and we now feel really equipped for the cooperation with our board AND the daily work as leaders.

We are looking forward to our ongoing adventures with YPISA.”

Camilla Ørberg og Pernille Knudsen, Swim school leaders, Svøm Slagelse Korsør, Denmark.


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Get the parents in your corner

The read thread in our swimming and learning universe reach beyond the pool.

“When are my child going to learn to swim?” is not an uncommon question to hear as a swim teacher, and we see a tendency with parents not being able to understand why the teachers or swim school do as they do. At the same time, we want to help parents support their children in learning to swim.

To help swim schools and teachers educate the parents, we have both made lectures, webinars, and online courses for parents, and written a book series to allow them to bring the swimming and the teaching home with them. This way the parents can for example learn about the basics of swimming and learning and thereby be given a knowledge and common understanding with the teachers.

Do you want to give “your” parents the opportunity to buy the books or buy them to give to them– click here to contact us.