About us

Combined, we have more than 30 years of experience in teaching, coaching, writing & developing education materials. We also make events, conferences, tailormade workshops, live webinars and learning programmes. 

Our goal is to make swimming a human right - so we together can change the drowning statistics Worldwide.

We want you to be successful

Through research-based methodologies, pedagogies and psychological tools, it is our mission to upgrade swimming lessons globally with personal and cognitive development in focus for both children and adults.

Through blended-learning you will get inspired to prepare the best teaching four your swimmers. The latest of our services is Leadership management education and educating ambassadours, which takes the learning environment in swim classes to a whole new level.

Our e-learning programs combined with remote classroom - and overall blended learning environment takes you from all the basics to understand the swimmer's or the child's learning abilities as well as disabilities and all the teachers' important stuff to know and master. 


Swimming is so much more...

Learning to swim is not just making the child and parent competent in the water, it gives both the teacher, parent and child the opportunity to become a better version of themselves in more than one way.

Understanding the human brain and implementing it in teaching accelerates learning and is part of our very great expertise. 

Combining heart, brain and the motor development in water is a lot of joy for many swimmers - we have sufficient methods and the answers to how to do this.

We don't just educate teachers and instructors; we aim to make recognizability from the great teacher to the excited kid and the supportive parent. 

We set the frame for playful learning, new ways of thinking, coaching and teaching.

Our teaching philosophy has taken our knowledge worldwide and allowed us to experience the love of water and making the aha-moment our aim of success.

Who is YPISA?

Liselotte Christensen


Liselotte teaches in a way that engages everybody. She is a very creative and at the same time a little geeky teacher - in a sweet way.

Her approach to teaching is full of great activities, reflections, and she makes the theories behind swimming and the psychological tools easy to use for you.

What many other swimming coaches spend hours and hours on, she shortens with her many ingenious techniques to get the brain into the swim.

Liselotte has been working with teaching her entire adult life - not only as a swim teacher, but also as a school teacher, a principal and life-coach.


Maria Jæger


Maria is always chasing the "why?". Why do we do what we do? The "why" can make us realize what and how we learn best and make us aware of our blind spots and learning resistance.

This way of thinking is how Maria teaches. She engages people, making them curious and reflective.

Maria strives for making the "geeky stuff" (theory and research) edible and easy to understand and use. With a loving push, she aims to inspire, never to stop learning and playing.

Maria has been teaching from before she left school herself. Besides being an educated teacher, she has a master in physical activity and health.


Martin Appel

Advisory board

Martin is the first member of our advisory board - as we are an international firm, we need a global guru, and Martin likes to think of himself as one.

He does not swim - however, he is a father of two, and that qualifies him to be our best critic and pushes us to aim for nothing less than doing our best all the time in all areas of teaching, coaching and mentoring.