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Surely, you want to do as good as you can for your child? We want to support you! We have gathered experts in selfsaving, drowning prevention, motor development, happy relations, and awesome moments.


It only takes a second to drown

According to WHO, drowning is the 3rd leading cause of unintentional injury death worldwide, that means 7% of all injury-related deaths. As a parent, it is unbearable to even think about loosing a kid to drowning. So let's quickly move on to how we can prevent it.

Educate yourself, learn to swim and learn CPR - this is higly recommended for both parents (and other adults) and kids. Depending on age, there are different levels and methods to consider.

Learning to swim in the old days could literally be a sink or swim experience, and some find it very stressfull. We wish to make it easy and an enjoyable experience. 

And remember, swimming is so much more, than just adding water.


Swimming creates clever children…

Besides swimming being the only sport, you can die from not mastering, swimming is also the only activity which provides motoric and neurological stimuli from as early as six weeks of age.

The statement, swimming creates clever children, is real, and it is not just our claim – research shows that swimming from an early age make children capable of for example learning to read and write.


What's on the menu

We launch different courses for you as a parent, who wants to support your child. Here is what is on the menu at the moment:

Self-saving ladder

This is how you create safety and joy in water for your child.

Learn to teach the very first steps in being water competent.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

Why is swimming so important for my baby?

Swimming is the only physical exercise that offers an activity for children, which stimulates all their senses from when the belly button is dry. The benefits that children will experience from having started swimming in early childhood are well documented (research-based) and a substantial knowledge component of our teaching programs.

How early should my child start swimming?

If the birth was on time and with no complications, we recommend starting baby swimming when the belly button has healed.

What benefits are there from swimming at a young age?

Besides being water competent, learning to save yourself (and others?), swimming offers benefits that reach beyond the physical. E.g.: Enhances mental development, stimulates senses, improve brain and emotional development.

What equipment do I need?

Swimming does not need to be very expensive equipmentwise.
  • Nappy swim pants, NOT nappies (swim diapers). Swim diapers disturbs the balance in water, sucks water and are very bad at keeping poop inside the diaper.

Toddlers and children:
  • Goggles to explore underwater - choose a pair, that only covers the eyes, NOT the nose.
  • Swim caps are brilliant to avoid hair in the eyes (or elsewhere) and not freezing as easy. 
  • Fins or noodle to support bouyancy - never armbands (read here why)

Are there any shortcuts in learning to swim?

No. Sorry. We sometimes get asked why a child is progressing more in soccer or gymnastics than in swimming, and the answer is simple. To improve in swimming you have to be in a pool (or ocean). With soccer og gymnastics, or any other activity on land, you practice whenever you play in the yard, run and play tag or play in kindergarden or school yard. Without water you cannot learn to swim. But have a look the next question ;-)

What can I do on my own?

The more time your child spend in the water, the more experienced it will get. So go to the local pool, go in the water with your child and have a good time. Support your child in the water, and just play - it will build stronger relations and great experiences in water. 

You can even practice at home in the bath tub - we have some great (free) ideas in one of our online courses.

Is it to late to start if we didn't get to start before my child turned 5?

It is never too late to start. Whether you are 5, 25 or 76 you will be able to learn and benefit from swimming. 

But off course it is easier to learn, when starting early.


  • Ypisa - Your Potential International Swimming Academy

    “You wanna do the best for your children., but it can be hard to navigate through all the books, webpages and youtube-videos. YPISA helps me with concrete, age-appropriate exercises, which supports my childs development. It's easy to get to and saves me lots of time.”

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  • Ypisa - Your Potential International Swimming Academy

    “This is a fantastic recommendation!”

    CEO, John Doe Corp

  • Ypisa - Your Potential International Swimming Academy

    “This is a fantastic recommendation!”

    CEO, John Doe Corp