Safety issue • False security  • Learn to swim

Every parent wants to do the best for their kids, and A LOT mistakenly put Armbands or other help supplies on their kids. But no matter how trendy and colourful they appear, they are delaying the' development for your children.

"But are they so bad?" We've got this question like a million times. Well, let us tell you. If the child can't swim, it might seem like a good idea of putting armbands on them, helping their buoyancy. But consider it…

Besides the possibilities of the armbands losing air, slipping off the arms or the current at the beach can carry the child outwards, it is also very hard for the child to manoeuvre – and hard to roll over, if the child is facing down in the water. AND it gives a sense of false security.

The false security is both for the child and the parents:

  • Parents (or another adult with the responsibility of the child) are tempted to not be as attentive when the child is wearing armbands. Their eyes are locked on the child until they are not… Something is needed from the bag, you look at another child, on the phone or talk to someone – it is enough time for something to go wrong. Children are small Houdinies; they will break free of their chains (read: armbands). It is not a question of "if" but "when" they will get them off.
  • Children are more likely to take chances when wearing armbands. They can get too self-assured, even in dangerous situations, where they should be attentive. Through wearing armbands, they've been taught, that when they jump in the water, they will automatically resurface due to the buoyancy. How many Children understand Archimedes' principle? (you know, the one with the body submerged in fluid?)… Well, many grownups can't get their head around it either, but the essential part is, they know it is due to the armbands, that the Child resurfaces – the child doesn’t necessarily know this. When a child jumps in the water and resurfaces without any effort, what else should they learn than; "this is how it works".

We want to make Children confident in the water, but armbands are not the way to go. No worries, it is not that difficult: throw away the armbands, keep an eye on the kid, when being near the water, and most importantly, sign your kid up for swim lessons – the sooner, the better – or teach them yourself, if you are up for it.

"But I just feel more safe, when they are wearing them" – yup, that is precisely the problem… Our best defence against drowning is paying attention, and everything that gives us a reason for not being it is a problem.

Read more about what attached buoyancy aids do to the development of the children, and what you can do to help, in the QR-code “Attached Bouancy aids”.