Change of element

As the sentence indicates, Change of Element is to change from one element to another. ( an element can as an example be Water, Air, solid ground).

If you are curious, we will dive into the explanation of the Change of Element:

“To change from one element to another?” Sure, it sounds simple enough, but nonetheless, it is a very important skill to master, especially concerning Selfsaving. If your child falls in the water, they automatically make a change of element from land to water. A lot of things concerning the Selfsaving principles are at stake here, which we will discuss in another article. The main thing for your child to master in this situation is to get themself out of the water, eg. back on land. Alternatively, they can be taught to climb or hold onto a floating device, eg. a lifesaver. 

Examples of Change of Element can be to get from:

When learning to swim, Change of Element is the first of the four basics, that we have to practice. We practice it by walking, jumping, crawling and falling into the water, and likewise getting back up both low and high pool edges, stairs, and floating devices.

When working with the strokes, Change of Element is seen in starts and turns.

In general Change of Element is essential in all Water activities and Water Sports, as it is vital to be able to get oneself out of the water.

If you want to play and practice with Change of Element, either with your child or for yourself, here are a couple of activities to try.

  • Jumping: 10, 20, 30.
  • Jumping like an animal