First attempt in learning

Fail Fail faiL FAIL and then learn

We live in a World were failing has a negative ring to it. We would love to help change that.

We think to fail is a very important part of learning. When you fail, you will learn what not to do, and that knowledge is priceless. But more importantly, if you are afraid to fail before even failing, it will stop you from trying to learn something new.

If we are put in a situation where something is hard, and we can choose between running away or staying and practising, the flight will always be the “easy” choice (or at least the least uncomfortable for the brain), and therefore the automatic reaction.

This is because we have taught the brain, that failure is dangerous - and when the brain (amygdala) spots danger, it will do everything to survive.

So make mistakes and talk about them with your kids every day. It is okay to fail. We do not want kids growing up, being afraid, not believing in themselves. 

We want kids who have faced failure, and who is not afraid of giving it another try. Kids who know that it is okay to make mistakes. And we should lead the way, show the kids curiosity on life and not fear of failure.