Land to water

Self Saving • Experimenting • Fun

For all ages, it is a fact, that you can not start getting experiences with water until you actually go in the water. This might seem simple at first - getting in the water - but there us so much more at stake than simply moving your body physically. 

When we change from one element to another, here from land to water, our senses are affected in a new way. There is a new smell (salt or chlorine), the body weighs less, there is more resistance when moving, potentially there is a difference in temperature and there is pressure on the body from the water, which affect the neurons in the skin. 

If you are experienced in going in the water, swimming pool or ocean, the influence on the neurons will be implicit knowledge, and you will, in the same way, be distracted or think about it, when you go in the water - you just do it. But as a baby or inexperienced with water, something as simple as going in the water, changing from one element to another, can be a mouthful

So how do we change elements from land to water? This is one of the most fantastic things to experiment with if you are playful and loving the water (like Remi). We can crawl, walk down the stairs, slide, jump from blocks or springboard, be pushed, be thrown by a homemade slingshot or jump in the water in 17.000 different ways. All of this will give us a priceless amount of experience in how our body will react in meeting the water, and how the water will react when meeting us - and at the same time, we will have a lot of fun.