What is swimming

So much more than water

In 1996 a definition of swimming came from the Nordic Countries, describing that a person can be said to be able to swim when he or she can swim 200 meters continuously, of which at least 50 meters should be on the back.

In our definition swimming is so much more than this. When parents sign their kids up for swim classes, the main reason is safety. “They should learn to swim, so they will not drown”. 

This is a very smart move, as the World Health Organization states that  “Every hour of every day more than 40 people lose their lives to drowning.”. 

Besides the fact that swimming is the only sport, that you can die from NOT mastering, it offers so much more. E.g.: 

  • Life-saving
  • Cognitive, motor and sensory-integrative development
  • Rehabilitation for brain or body damage

All of which we will explore in other articles. 

Everybody can participate in swimming, every age, and gender, no matter your capabilities or disabilities - swimming will have something to offer and generously give back.

So defining swimming in something as simple as a distance, is far to narrow a definition. Swimming is a sport, a safety necessity, a leisure activity, a hobby, a health benefit, and a lifestyle.

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