The cliche - The surface of Mother Earth is 71% water and isn't that a great reason to learn to swim.
No, not really, in fact, we think that swimming is so much more than just swimming - We see people developing through mastering both relations and skills in and around water.
Swimming has excellent components and we like to focus on developing a growth mindset from working with both mental and physical health during our swim classes and educations.

Working with development by playing is creating wonderful moments and unique relations between parents and their children. Swimming is so much more than doing strokes. Focus towards self-saving abilities and life-saving skills are needed in all areas of life. Life-saving skills are not just treading water - it is also CPR and knowledge of how to deal with smaller incidents, for instance, at home.

We focus sharply on how cognitive development through baby swimming is stimulated from the sixth week of the child, and we disseminate knowledge about the other benefits of starting swimming from an early age.
Swimming is the only sport that offers an activity for children, which stimulates all their senses from the navel is dry. The benefits that children will experience from having started swimming in early childhood are well documented (research-based) and a substantial knowledge component of our teaching programs.